REVIEW: Sylosis Discography

New type of post here looking at all of Sylosis’ releases from 2006 to now so this may be a long one. Since their initial EPs, the Reading based death-trash metal band having changed their sound significantly over 5 more albums as well as touring with some of the biggest bands in their respective genres such as Lamb of God and In Flames to name a couple.

The band released two EPs, Casting Shadows in 2006 and The Supreme Oppressor in 2008, with In The Deep End Records which essentially laid the ground work for their first full album. Musically, these were not the most exciting with very typical style riffing, take “The Bereaved” of Casting Shadows for a perfect of example. Something they have always had on their side however is Josh Middleton’s incredible lead guitar playing with impressive solos throughout the releases.

The Supreme Oppressor was an overall step up from their debut with much better production and a style that led well into Conclusion Of An Age with tracks such as “Manipulation Through Idols” that have definitely stood the test of time. They also experimented with more serene, progressive tracks like “Silence From Those In The Sky” however this does in no way stop it being incredibly heavy.

The band released their full length under Nuclear Blast, Conclusion Of An Age, in 2008 which has some tracks such as the epic “After Lifeless Years” and the live staple “Teras” that I still regard as some of their best work to date. The band also showcased their vocalist, Jamie Graham, to his full potential on tracks like “Trancendance” through clean sung choruses mixed in with more traditional mid ranged screams.



After a 3 year wait, we were brought Edge of the Earth in 2011. This was the bands first release with former lead guitarist, Josh Middleton, taking over on vocals and with that a more matured, gritty sound. The song “Empyreal” is definitely a stand out track in this album as well as the discography as a whole. The amount of amazing riffs they managed to fit into one song still impresses me, especially the hypnotic, repeating sweep picking piece that runs at different points throughout the song. Josh’s vocals are also by no means objectionable and have just got better since.



Monolist was then released a year later in 2016 and was a natural continuation on the style of EOTE. Although admittedly less memorable, this album does show consistency with tracks such as “Fear the World”, “Out From Below” and “A Dying Vine”. This album also is also filled with lots of amazing riffs such as a “Paradox” however these are so frequent by now that it is nothing out of the ordinary for them. Another cool part is the hidden acoustic track that starts at the end of “Enshrined” that really proves that this a diverse band musically and that Josh is capable of chilling clean vocals.



Now to their most recent album, Dormant Heart from 2015. This takes their “mature” sound to a next level with massive production and some of their heaviest riffs to date such as the opener “Where the Wolves Come to Die”. Hard to say highlight tracks as there is not one song on this record I ever wanted to skip (apart from maybe some of the clean vocals on “Indoctrinated”) however “Mercy”, “Leech” and “Servitude” would be most peoples favourites. “Quescient” is an ender very similar to the previously mentioned hidden track on Monolith and their is also two cool bonus tracks with “Pillars Erode” being one of the darkest tracks on the album and the heaviest cover of “Zero” by Smashing Pumpkins you will ever hear.



That concludes a look at Sylosis and their near perfect discography. Hopefully if you haven’t heard them before you check them out and if you have maybe check out some of their stuff you heard.


“Failed. Mortal. Thwarted. King. To build on blood and sand is to build a tomb.”


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