REVIEW: Thy Art Is Murder – Slaves Beyond Death

Today I am going to be looking at this track which released as a video for Thy Art’s new studio album coming out August titled “Dear Desolation”. After listening to this track a few times I think that this may be important in marking a new style in the bands career.


The opening riff is much more akin to death metal than their tried and true deathcore style they have developed over their last three albums, particularly in their most recent “Holy War”. The guitars and drums are generally more gritty sounding throughout compared to very tight, compressed tones heard on their last two releases. Not to say this album does not stack up in the heaviness factor, crushing slams come in at around 2:10 in the track which nicely changes the pace from the faster riffs earlier in the song.

One of the things which has not changed however has been CJ’s vocal style. The track is predominantly lower growls like we have seen before and the end of the song brings in a chant of “Slaves!” which makes this song admittedly quite catchy. This was a very welcome return after he took a short break from touring.

I think this is best summed up by a youtube comment I found saying “The deathcore daddys are back”.


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