REVIEW: Lorna Shore – Flesh Coffin

For my first review I will be going over an album I recently acquired, Flesh Coffin by the New Jersey deathcore outfit Lorna Shore. This is a band that entered my consciousness after I found out they had been touring with Carnifex and Rings of Saturn so I was pleased to find out they had two full lengths released so far however today I will be looking at their 2017 album.

After listening to this album a good few times, its appeal has definitely grown as I have started to appreciate their spin on deathcore which has a slight however repeated influence of black metal. This is most noticeable with the frequent use of melodic tremelo picking throughout and significantly wider sonic range, something I think more band in the genre need to follow suit with “cough” Emmure “cough“.

This album is full of other, more traditional trademarks of the genre however such as the crushing breakdowns (check “The Astral Wake of Time” for an example of a slower song done right) and a very impressive drum performance. The production of this album is also stellar quality with guitars and drums sounding huge and the vocals still piercing through the dense mix.

My personal favourite tracks on this album would be the title track due to eerie sounding opening riffs and a breakdown which hits hard but does not last too long, a problem I feel some bands have and “FVNERAL MOON” which really shows the black metal influences best.

My biggest gripe with this album would be the low vocals, I really enjoyed the higher screams however I felt like some of the lower screams lacked the power that other vocalists produce. This was not too much of an issue in some of the tracks as they tend to stick with the higher registers throughout which works well with some of the black metal riffs. Other than this and maybe a few tracks being not so memorable, this is an overall solid album and an improvement over their first release “Psalms”.


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